Today I depart for TCEA 2013 in Austin, Texas. This year’s topic: Learning in a new light. In other words, workshops and conversations will focus around technology integration, mobile devices, Google apps, engaging learners, BYOD, project based learning and other 21st century beset practices. It’s bound to be an engaging and invigorating experience for those us who are tech-loving and tech-learning educators.

I will be attending a focus group for Atomic Learning and primarily wandering the exhibit hall to not only network for my consulting services, but to see the latest and greatest gadgets, solutions, and services for K-12 education.

It’s an exciting time for education. I feel a renewed hope that we are making strides in our ability to teach life skills, engage learners with meaningful content utilizing effective technology, while moving away from worksheets and rote memorization with little long term effect. I am excited to embrace the most innovative solution for the classroom!

Watch this space for feedback!