tcea2013In only 48 hours at TCEA, I was experiencing content and sensory overload. An amazingly large vendor hall provided a vast array of quality and engaging technology solutions for your school, all sure to extend the learning experience and solidify a 21st century experience for students. My top 5 picks include….

1. Atomic Learning – professional development for teachers, students, and parents.
Without a doubt, the implementation of any online learning program brings with it a set of challenges and obstacles, while also offering great opportunities to extend and enhance learning to audiences who would otherwise be without it. Online professional development is facing the same dilemmas as student programs; and without a doubt, rigor, engagement, and collaboration are essential components to designing an effective online experience. Atomic Learning has newly released instructor led PD courses, under the Atomic Catalyst brand. Earn up to 20 hours of continuing ed credits or graduate credits after completing the rigorous 6-week courses. Check out the course list and reserve a single seat or get your team on board to enhance your collective knowledge of tablet use for students with special needs or integrating common core into your tech friendly lessons.

2. Air Watch – mobile device management for iPads and 1-to-1 devices.
Air Watch is embracing the one-to-one initiatives in the education space and has a dedicated team attending to the needs of this specific customer. Empowering mobile learning in the classroom is an appropriate tagline for Air Watch’s mission. Check out the features and solution options online to enhance the security of your mobile devices, as well as understand the hierarchical options for teacher and admin control.

3. E-beam (Luidia) – a cost effective way to turn any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive experience for students.
E-Beam offers a variety of lower-cost solutions for creating an interactive classroom including wireless keyboard and mouse control of your board from anywhere in the room, annotation of any software or web content, and the ability to record lessons at the single click of a button. Imagine students being able to review today’s lesson at home by watching a brief video while completing homework activities. We all know interactive teaching engages users and EBeam offers a solution you can afford today.

4. iSchool Initiative – a student led, non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students and educators to become lifelong learners. A digital learning revolution, educational apps, and professional development encourage all parties in education to launch into technology and make learning fun today and always.

5. LeanPad – the only proven educationally purposed tablet solution.
The LearnPad was demonstrated at TCEA by Educational Resources and their website is currently devoted to this high quality solution. Not only was it purpose built for education, the LearnPad has won the 2013 BETT Best Digital Device award. The best feature, in my opinion, is the super easy, INCLUDED cloud-based management platform which allows teachers to control individual student content and deploy any amount of content through a quick snap of a QR code. Because the LearnPad is an Android device, teachers can use any flash content, store digital curriculum on SD cards, or attach additional devices through USB. Therefore, the options for easy classroom use are far superior to the iPad.