I’m learning more and more about Common Core and the impending assessments beginning in 2014. Something that really caught my eye today was presented by Dr. Julie Miles in a Pearson Common Core Institute presentation on the ABCs of assessments.

The differences cited between PARCC and SBAC are:

The PARCC Assessment Consortia is focused on an improved accountability system centered on student achievement and growth; whereas,

The Smarter Balance Assessment Consortia is focused on an improved instructional system centered on student and teacher performance.

While I will agree that student and teacher performance is essential to our progress, I’m not sure that it is more important than student achievement and growth and therefore warrants an assessment specially targeted toward performance. I fear that kind of focus keeps us stuck in the middle of teaching to the test for score rather than targeting real student growth. After all, is teacher performance indicative of student growth? Who are we assessing, teachers or students?

I’d like to hear your thoughts! Convince me they are equally valuable or that SBAC is the way to go.