“Tina has conscientiously served my organization, contributing her expertise to online administration, course design, or program development as businesses require. Tina’s self-motivated enthusiasm toward the completion of a project and commitment to excellence has proven to be invaluable. She displays flexibility and innovation as new projects are presented and works with a commitment to accuracy and expediency in time-sensitive environments.” ~ N. Howell, (2012)

“Tina is very professional and motivated. She has helped my team understand products and implementation of PD in the field on many occasions. Tina has even held WebExs for customers who needed more detailed information. She is very articulate and patient.” ~ L. Kline (2012)

“Tina has a strong commitment to excellence and pays close attention to detail. She does an excellent job communicating with senior leadership and key stakeholders to build consensus. Tina performs her job with the highest level of professionalism and integrity and is always willing to go above and beyond to successfully complete a project.” ~ E. Faulkenberry (2012)

“Tina is a diligent, hard working and conscientious employee with the highest of professional standards. It is Tina’s passion, drive, knowledge and persistence that ultimately lead to success in whatever challenges are presented. I enjoyed my time working with Tina as it provided that rare opportunity both professionally and personally of shared learning and respect.” T. Osborn (2012)

“Having you as a teacher has been a real experience! Not only have you advanced my knowledge in technology, but you have really been in the midst of the learning, for you yourself are a great example!”~ G. Owens, Grade 5 (2008)

“Without a doubt, [Tina] has truly made a difference not only in the program itself but more importantly in its future. Besides revolutionary implementations, Tina also focused on adult education and training for our teachers.  She is a leader in that field and has designed numerous activities to train her fellow teachers to make them better in the classroom with technology.”  ~ JL Cornez (2008)

“Mrs. Cusker is an exceptional educator who lifted our entire school to another level. Her professional character is one of high integrity and dedication. Everything Mrs. Cusker was involved in, while at our school, became an exemplary program because of her dedication and attention to detail.” ~ J. Allan, Principal (2003)