Web-based quiz: A quick sample of assessment questions possible for the learner to match evolution of technologies to instructional strategies and learner needs.  Click to access

Note: Typically, a quiz of this nature would be uploaded into a LMS quiz function online or by using an assessment website, such as Quia. Appropriate feedback and scoring would take place immediately. Feedback for incorrect answers would provide guidance as to why a selection is wrong, rather than simply providing the correct answer. Learners would be able to complete the quiz as many times as required for 100%.

Self-assessment: As indicated in the initial presentation, identify personal growth opportunities through a reflective journal activity.  Consider the following questions as you journal:

  1. In what type of learning environments have you excelled?
  2. What tools do you use for delivery?
  3. Is your presentation style and content reflective of 21st century learning?
  4. Are your participants collaborating, completing tasks that are real world applicable, problem based?
  5. Do you provide your learners with next steps for implementation of the new knowledge?
  6. In what areas have you identified you’d like to improve?

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