Designing the training program, Implementing Interactive Technologies, has grown out of my passion for making a difference in the lives of learners and the need for much more effective integration of technology in all training and learning spaces. Many facilities have the hardware and software, but because trainers, facilitators and teachers did not experience a 21st century classroom as a learner, they often find it difficult to change instructional strategies, and they do not have the appropriate training to do so.  Change requires effort, diligence, and accountability to decision makers.

The appropriate skills cannot be learned in a one-day workshop, but that is the starting point. I prefer for content to be customized to a specific organization, so the content represented here is by no means a “finished product.” We must be cognizant about the background knowledge and experience learners bring to the classroom, and build the learning with respect to such experience.  However, the structure and concept evolved over the past eight weeks as my skills as a developer were certainly shaped and strengthened as the content evolved.

I  have learned much more about the vast possibilities for face to face or online (virtual) content, and the formal connections between objectives, activities and assessments. Providing learners choices for the purpose of real-world application, meeting the demands and requirements of varied learning styles and preferences, and cognizant of visual and auditory needs are evident in the design of this course.

I hope this content gives you some perspective into my skills. Other samples are certainly available upon request.