Digital Boardwalk Consulting is dedicated to providing high quality, professional training designed to improve learning experiences through the effective and meaningful implementation of instructional technologies.

A thorough offering is available…

  • Needs assessment, design, woman with computerdevelopment and/or delivery of professional technology training within your school, business, or organization.
  • The analysis and development of district or organization’s Technology Plans.
  • Implementation training for instructional technologies (i.e. interactive whiteboards) and alignment with content standards.
  • Additional options include Personalized Learning, 1 to 1 Implementations, BYOD (bring your own device), Virtual Learning in the classroom, Using digital content, and more!

Instructional Design
Professional experience designing training content for adult and K-12 learners, whether it be online, face to face, or blended environments.

Customized Training
If you don’t see your needs listed, please feel free to contact me to customize your training program.  Content development is charged at hourly rates.

Partnership with TPS Interactive
Interactive technology integration, consulting & training for Corporations, Govt Non-profits & Education customers making meeting & learning environments more effective & cost less by engaging co-workers, teams, audiences & learners.

Partnership with NW Howell & Associates
We are dedicated to the advancement of 21st century learning! Incorporating current programs with cyber communication and technology integration encourages everyone to practice life-long learning.

For consulting fees, daily training rates, additional pricing queries or questions, please Contact Us.